Owl Pellets

Back to these things. But I kinda have to do it, you see. To be comfortable closing these tabs. Basically, in the last two days, I’ve done three tests and written three essays. I’ve also finished writing a short story (it’s a Bigfoot thing), done more crunches than I care to count (three hundred tonight) and restarted this fucking blog.

This is what my days off are like now.

So these are some of the tabs and shit that were helpful during that.

Anyway . . .

Woman pulls wiggling cattle worms from her eyeball, makes medical history: This actually has nothing to do with anything I’m studying. It was just a bit of light reading during one of my breaks. More of a hobby than anything. Also, these parasites “move from eye to eye by hitching a ride in face flies that drink tears.” Just in case you need another reason to stop crying all the time: Eye worms.

Neanderthals’ Lack of Drawing Ability May Relate to Hunting Techniques: And this didn’t come in handy at all. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Art, that is. Not collecting this article. Almost nothing I ever do seems like much of a good idea at any time. Art, at least, used to seem like a good idea. Then it became an investment strategy and here we are with Jeff Fucking Koons or whatever his name is building janky monuments at taxpayer expense outside of corporate owned sports stadiums.

The Kekulé Problem: Some of you may have read this before. It’s Cormac McCarthy on language. He also posted a reply to the complaints about this but, since my goal here is to close tabs, not open more of them, you’ll just have to find that yourself.

ENDURING VOICES: “By 2100, more than half of the 7,000-plus languages spoken on Earth—many of them not yet recorded—may disappear. When the last speaker of a language dies, the world loses a wealth of information about history, culture, the natural environment, and the human brain.” Try not to cry. Remember. EYE WORMS!

WARNING AUTOPLAY! Whoops! Watch Kate Upton Take a Tumble Off a Giant Rock During her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoot: I can’t really pretend to be a good person. I enjoy watching anyone fall down but especially a model. (Always have.) And, even though this clip doesn’t involve high-heels, it’s a pretty good and polished example of the pornographic sub-genre of falling models. More to the point, thanks to a fairly successful language revitalization effort in the California school system, The Yurok, whose native speakers only numbered six at one point and who were beaten for speaking in their native tongues have provided us with the word, Mue-neech, which has no English counterpart but can describe this clip. The word  translates as “a foolish action.” That misses the nuance. Mue-neech is better defined as: “When Coyote tries to do something to make himself look really good, and winds up looking really bad.” Mue-neech.

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