Owl Pellets

I’d like to do something other than one of these owl pellets posts but, fuck, too many tabs, not enough time. Besides, I’m not really going to impose myself too much onto this blog thing. Just let it take its own course and see where we end up. Some sort of pattern will emerge from this, I’m sure, and, given enough time it will probably become tyrannical too. No need to rush that. The current regime of ‘who gives a fuck?’ suits me fine.

Anyway . . .

AUTOPLAY WARNING Teenager who survived Florida school shooting slams President Trump: ‘We call BS: Well, it looks we’ve finally fucked things up so badly that we’ve woken up the teens. So something might actually get done. Teenagers are the only American institution than I have any faith in. I don’t even mind that they eat Tide Pods for internet views. I ate worse things for dumber reasons when I was a teen. And that’s exactly why the NRA should probably be scared. Go get em’, kids. Grownups are bullshit.

Prison Lingo: The Language of the Prison Community:

“Teentalk changes every five years, and it does so because it is so easily picked up by outside groups. Teenagers like to talk a language that is closed to their parents and teachers, but to remain closed it has to keep changing. Prison slang shows a rate of change slower than that of Teenspeak but, nonetheless, it is subject to a fairly rapid rate of change. It needs also to be said that it displays great creativity by way of irony, rhyme, pun and image.”

MORE AUTOPLAY- JESUS INTERNET, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Polari: The code language gay men used to survive:

Until 1967, homosexual sex was illegal in England and Wales. To avoid imprisonment, gay men used Polari, a language that the Oxford English Dictionary says is “made up of Italianate phrases, rhyming slang and cant terms.” It had sprung up in the 1700s and 1800s as a secret language vagrants, itinerant performers, sailors and “gypsies” – many of its words, in fact, derive from the Romany people scattered across Europe.

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