Baseball is Back(ish)

toronto blue jays

Baseball is back. Yay, I guess.

I kinda hate spring training. On one hand, it makes it too easy to jump to conclusions about a team/player and, on the other, the best case scenario is usually no one getting hurt. So it’s an annoying state of baseball half-life. But I like the noise baseball makes and the sense of dread it provides and I like to have that noise and dread buzzing around in the background while I make bad decisions. And that’s back. So, yay. I guess.

I even managed to watch a game last night. This took some fucking around. After MLB TV re-upped my subscription, I tried to log in and was informed that due to advancements in streaming technology, it was no longer available on older devices like my PS3. Yay advancements, I guess. Even if a lot of these advancements seem less like advancing and more like some straight fuckery. But I suppose this helps give us a timetable for the revolution – overthrow capitalism before it totally fucks up baseball.

Given this last off-season, seems like it might be a bit late for that.

But after some pissing around with my computer, my Roku and my wife’s phone, I managed to get the thing up and running. I tuned into the Blue Jays.

That didn’t take too much thought. These days, I prefer the A’s and, all things being equal, root for them when they play against the Jays but I have a sort of familial relationship with the Jays, in that it seems like I can’t quite shake the bastards. And, while you will never find me in a comment section, I also much prefer the Blue Jays blogosphere and, back when I did that sort of thing, their twitterverse. This makes it easier to follow them in the off-season, especially one as boring as this last one.

So I tuned into the Jays.

The game highlight for me was definitely the Curtis Granderson in-game interview. I usually hate these things. But Curtis Granderson? Let him talk. That guy has got to be one of the most articulate, insightful and intelligent athletes I have ever heard speak. Most of these motherfuckers have all the personality of a post and that’s not half as bad as when they’re “funny.” God help us, if they get serious. But Curtis Granderson? Curtis Granderson explained his role, his expectations and how spring training works at his age. He did so in a way that was both right to the point and well thought out. He employed no prop comedy to make his points. There was no word salad of slogans garnered from a moron’s vision board of inspirational quotes. And none of it sounded like he was reading from some public relations script. He’s just so freakin’ likable.

Honestly, I hope the fans appreciate what they have here and that Jays are playing some sort of long game with him because if anyone has a future in baseball after their playing days are over, it’s Curtis Granderson. He would be a clear step up in the broadcasting booth over the current Tabby Buck formulation and, if he wanted to manage the team, I’d probably just say ‘thank you’ and let him. That he played so badly for the Dodgers and my Dodgers loving co-workers still like him, says a lot about this guy. But, hopefully, his days aren’t over yet. He might even be pretty good. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, no one broke any bones. So that’s a win. Take those where you can get them.

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