Owl Pellets

I spent the last few days writing essays, taking tests and squeezing in a little bit of short fiction. There’s also been work, of course, and the gym but that just kind of thumps away in the background. I bought my dogs a couple of balls to put their treats in because I heard they like a challenge but my dogs are a little less than impressed with this situation. They prefer to just be given the treats. We all prefer things. It doesn’t matter.

Anyway . . .

Ryan Oakley


These curated newswires are important players in synthetic information networks—parts of social media that are populated by content even when human users are not engaged. The reposted content helps stories trend; it also lays the groundwork for what human users see when they tune in to their Twitter feeds, where Twitter’s algorithms also helpfully provide content you may have missed while you were away.

Shit is getting a bit complicated, no? One starts to get the feeling that none of these networks are meant for a human audience.

Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon?:

“Based on what I could see from the ‘sneak peak’ function, the book was nothing more than a computer generated ‘story’ with no structure, chapters or paragraphs — only lines of text with a carriage return after each sentence.”

That actually sounds kinda good.


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