Going to be a Long Day

Really doing my level best here to put the log back into blog.

Anyway, I finished Anthro 102 yesterday. I think it was yesterday. Maybe the day before? I have no idea. Everything has just sort of blurred together. I just move from assignment to assignment. I try to do what’s in front of me without adding the complications of imagination. Seems to be the best way forward.

It was an intensive two month course. I got it done in about a month. I really enjoyed the class. I now have to turn my attention more totally to English 101 class and the math, which I’ve recently neglected. I really need to get that math shit done to proceed any further in this organized educational program. I have, at most, a month and a half to finish that and, frankly, I’m more than a little worried.

Today is going to be pretty shit. I have to go the government offices to meet with the Department of Homeland Security. They want my palm prints. I’m pretty sure they already have every biometric measurement of me that can be extracted. But, whatever. One just has to do these things and hope they don’t disappear in the process. One should probably also avoid saying things like that.

Sometimes, I miss the freedom of speech that I enjoyed and, perhaps, took for granted, as a Canadian citizen. I feel no such freedom in the USA as an immigrant. Particularly, under the current regime. You learn to police yourself as if your survival depends upon it because, well, it does. Some ideas are simply not allowed. And you can’t just attend a protest. Any arrest, not even a conviction but a simple arrest, can lead to deportment.

On a personal level, you also notice that you will be perceived as an American until you disagree. Then you suddenly become foreign. This is probably a white person thing. That is, something of a minor blip when compared to how this works for other people.

But, still, the local cultural instruments of talking heads and pamphlets remain bellicose about the supposed freedom that is enjoyed here. I certainly don’t feel it. It’s hard to feel very free when you receive videos like this from your school and locals assign the problem to a lack of school prayer.

What would I do? Shit myself and get fucking shot, most likely.

As  much as I sometimes enjoy the American perspective of total individualism, I’m not sure that it extends to the ability to dodge bullets or make choices under fire. I’m not fucking Superman. I doubt anyone can control what they’ll do in that situation.

This sort of thing makes one feel more threatened than free. But that is the terroristic background noise that one must grow accustomed to here. If you’re not going to lose your mind, which I think, I might have done a few times. Oh well. Shit happens.

I don’t think Americans are even aware of the degree of psychic terror that they operate under any more than Canadians are aware of just how fucking cold that country is.

After this appointment, this morning, I have to work until 2AM.

So yeah, a long day.

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