It’s been raining steady for weeks. Might rain again tonight.

The hot-tub at Janky Palace is broken. Stray cats have taken over the second floor and are shaking down anyone who enters the staircase for cans of tuna.

In spite of that, the last few days have been fairly productive. I more or less finished the second of two papers that I’m doing for English class on The Great Gatsby. (Still have to get the citations and shit squared away.) This hasn’t really been easy. It’s just a simple essay -this is 101- but the directions on writing it are like IKEA instructions for building a backyard space shuttle. Half the time, I have no idea what this professor is trying to say.

I’m also just not wild on English classes in general. This difficulty might be odd, you know – considering, but this type of reading always reminds me of frog dissection and, on some level, I feel like the frog. Like, I just want to catch flies and jump. Not to get all Dead Poets Society or some shit, but I honestly feel kind of bad for the kids who are encountering these books for the first time. I don’t really feel like they’re going to learn about how to read. They’re just going to learn to hate reading.

I also got a little caught up on my math. Starting to think that I might be able to get it done before the deadline after all. I don’t know that I’ll get the mark that I hoped for but, right now, getting it done is the key thing. It just has to be done. That’s my focus.

I started writing another short story today. These little things seem about the best I can do at the moment and I’m enjoying doing them – been a while since I fucked with short stories. Haven’t thought about selling them or anything. Sort of thinking that I might want this batch in a collection but I’d have to do that myself and blah . . .

Aside from that, baseball is sort of back, my workweek is about to start and I’ve been going to the gym as per usual. Some books should be arriving later. I read Day of the Oprichnik by Vladimir Sorokin yesterday. I think that’s the third or fourth book I’ve read by him. Always been shit at remembering the names of authors.

Anyway, I’ve got to head to work now. Hope the rain holds off.


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