Log: Sick. Done With P2 and 102

I came down or am coming down with some sort of sickness.


It’s the usual sort of bullshit. Headache, sore throat, runny nose, general feeling of weakness and exhaustion. I’ve been gargling whiskey (Jameson) and eatting icecream to treat it. Not sure how much that helps. Not sure how much that matters.

Received my final mark for Anthro 102. I ended up with over 100%.

And today I finished and handed in the second of two papers on The American Dream and The Great Gatsby for English 101. Honestly, I feel like The American dream is a basically inane way to look at that book (something like “What does War and Peace Tell us about Soviet Methods of agricultural production?”) but I gave it a shot anyway:


I’d post the thing here but I don’t know what the rules are about that.

The next two papers are on the American Dream (again, guh) and Citizen Kane. It annoys me that these papers are on a movie. I have tried, tested and true systems for using books, recalling information and cross referencing between different books. Books make that easy. I was never even ever seriously tempted by ebooks because paper books are such great fucking tech to begin with. They’re way better than scrolls. But a movie? That shit feels like a sort of very flat electro-scroll. How do you dog-ear that shit? Bend it into place? How do you touch a fucking movie? You don’t. You can’t.

But I’ll just do what I can. As per usual. Right now, that means putting my feet up, eatting some icecream and watching Ray Bradbury Theater or something.


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