Owl Pellets: Pyramids and Ladders

In the gym, I’ve been experimenting with declining ladders and pyramids. A declining ladder is a downward procession. So lets’ say your ladder is 10. So you do a set of 10. Your next set is 9. Next set, 8. You get the drift. You go all the way down the ladder to zero. (You can calculate how many you did using a Gaussian elimination.) A pyramid is a bit different. Let’s say your pyramid is twenty. So you start with a set of five, your next is ten, your next is fifteen, your next is twenty. That’s the top. Then you work your way back down from there. 20, 15, 10, 5. You can go by any increment, of course. And I don’t know how to calculate that total. I just use addition on that shit. But it’s surprising how much you can do like this and how quickly you can do it.

So far, so good. I like this method. I’m doing declining ladders of burpees with a box jump. I’m at 14. I think what I’m doing is called a running declining ladder. That is, between every set, I run for thirty seconds. This shit is just really fucking me up though. By the time I get to the end, I’m soaked in sweat, staggering around, almost in tears. Just a complete goddamn mess. But I am running faster and getting higher. I started with ten.

My goal is to be able to complete a ladder of 15 in 15 minutes. Considering what happened at 14, I don’t think I’ll ever accomplish that goal. But it’s good to have goals.

Anyway . . .


What Health Goth Actually Means: This shit is so old and probably belongs with seapunk and normcore or whatever but since I don’t know what to call crying in the gym while listening to Joy Division except for pathetic, it’s been a bit on my mind. But aside from the datedness of the subject matter, the article makes some pretty interesting points.

How about this: these days there are no scenes or genres, only “aesthetics.” A scene implies a physical community in physical architectures, and as such is a fatal slur against the URL everspace and its viral lungs. A genre implies limits, intentions, rules, fixity, and—as every itchy-fingered Facebook commenter knows—is a hateful thing. Nothing exists anyways, not really, only names, only hyperlinks, only patterns that work up to a point and then need an upgrade. Backspace your tearful emojis, hypocrites, it’s always been that way; it’s just more obvious now that code flows through our arteries rather than squeezes of blood and other smells. But it’s not homogenous out there and never will be, the online underground and the cultures tapping its magma are built on a vector field that ripples and clumps together, each blob too quick and continuous for your Dad’s rock collection. An aesthetic is not an object, it’s a way of looking, a way of finding beauty and sifting experiences, originating with process and behaviour rather than product, or, indeed, a journalist with a butterfly net.

This Twitter Thread About a Fashion Show is the Best Dystopian Novel We’ve Read in Ages: This is just enjoyable.

CONJURING ANTHROPOLOGY’S FUTURE: An interesting line of thought here:

. . . if anthropology was invented to bring the full force of modern rationality to bear on “primitive” societies and cultures, and this under conditions in which the division between the modern and the primitive was most concretely based in the division between reason and magic, what happens to anthropology once the hard division between magic and reason is undone (as it is here), and in the same breath the hard division between “primitive” and “modern” (once again) crumbles?


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