It’s been another busy week but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. My art history professor has not used Canvas before and I assume that is to blame for some confusion at the start of the course, or maybe I am only now confused, in which case, whoops!

Long story short, it looked as if we had 23 assignments opening on the 16th and due on the 22nd. That’s rather a lot. There was also about four quizzes mixed in. Then something happened and that work was somehow reduced to a much more reasonable number. But not before I suffered a migraine due to the stress.

The stress wasn’t so much from the amount of work required but from the work being closed off. I hate not being able to do something. Just looking at it. Work just sitting there. Bugs the hell out of me. And that migraine was bit ridiculous. It involved the usual light sensitivity, where I get hyper-sensitive to light and can hear it. Not hear light in terms of the color but in terms of the brightness. The brighter, the more high-pitched it is. It’s like a sort of hiss. It’s not even exactly hearing. It’s something like that. Different though. But, after vomiting for a while, the whole thing eased off and I ate more bagels than anyone ever should. They’re pretty good. Not great, but pretty good.

But I feel much better now.


“I feel much better now.”

I have completed my school-work for the week. I even have a day with nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. After that, my work-week starts. I plan to spend much of my day off reading about trauma and the holocaust while watching baseball in my mobile isolation suit (pictured above). The rest of the day will be spent laying around the pool and soaking in the hot-tub – even if I have to bludgeon or reach terms with that giant venomous lizard which has started nesting there after a cabal of local Satanists called it up from the nether-regions and then just left it around to fester after it proved incapable or unwilling to perform the most basic cursing tasks. I may also do some laundry and assign the robot to clean the floors. The dogs need to be kept on their toes.



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