I heard about the mass murder by van in Toronto late this afternoon.

I don’t have much to say on the subject, there’s never really much to say on a subject like that, but I will say this – The news should say less.

I made the mistake of trying to catch up on what was happening through an American news channel. The amount of speculation these outlets engage in is really ridiculous. Rather than reporting on the facts, they were going on and on about terrorists, pulling connections out of thin air and just being about as irresponsible in their reportage as it’s possible to be. Those imaginary connections cannot be unsaid. They create fear and prejudices. The associations they create linger in the mind. They create a sense of threat. Accusations of terrorism should be weighed carefully before being made by anyone and then they should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. To have them made by the news? Without any actual reason? It’s fucking shameful. And people wonder why “fake news” has some traction. The media doesn’t exactly help itself.

I didn’t last long watching that parade of panic and misinformation. I turned the news off when they said that the attack was in Downtown Toronto. It might be petty of me but North York is not Downtown Toronto. These news motherfuckers don’t even know where it is and yet they feel free to talk about what, why and how it is. It’s really disgusting.

They do the same shit with mass shootings. Before the bodies are even cold, we’re forced to watch experts, who have never even met with the shooter and don’t even know their name, providing a fucking psychiatric diagnosis. And why? Does it accomplish anything?

People should say less.

Myself included.

Having said that, I’m sending my love back to Toronto. Get through it, you know?

toronto heartbeat


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