Neo Mint 2020

Apparently, this is the color that we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2020.

It’s called Neo Mint.

neo mint

It claims to be futuristic.

“When it comes to a color for 2020, Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature,” says Boddy. Why would this work for fashion though?

Recently, there’s been a huge pop culture reinvestment in popular ’70s genre cyberpunk i,e, a sci-fi genre that warns against the power of technology and AI to overpower humanity. It was exemplified by the popularity of the recent 2017 sequel to Blade Runner and more recently, a fashionable infatuation with the cool and hacker-esque aesthetics of The Matrix

In a similar way, 2020 could adapt the aesthetics of biopunk, the subgenre (and cyberpunk’s cousin), that mixed nature and biology with futuristic technology, biohacking and transhumanism. Do you remember the atmosphere set by Gucci’s creepy hospital room that brought in both baby dragons and severed heads? That’s Neo Mint and it’s the kind of modern fantasy vibe that could be continued into SS20.

If I remember right, it was called biofunk, not biopunk, but I digress.

But . . .

As long as we’re bringing cyberpunk into this, I would call this color a smeerp. That’s from The Turkey City Lexicon, a sort of cyberpunk style manifesto. “What’s a smeerp?” you might ask. Well, a smeerp is a rabbit. As as technique . . .

A cheap technique for false exoticism, in which common elements of the real world are re-named for a fantastic milieu without any real alteration in their basic nature or behavior. “Smeerps” are especially common in fantasy worlds, where people often ride exotic steeds that look and act just like horses. (Attributed to James Blish.)

Neo Mint just looks like mint to me. I like mint. Hell, I like it so much that I painted my house, when I had one, mint. But I don’t really detect any “neo” in any of this. Especially not when someone is hearkening back to 1970/80’s subgenres of science fiction. That’s not neo, that’s nostalgia. It’s just fucking mint, you know? Nice color.

And, as far as the predictive aspect of all this, it’s not all that impressive. It’s not exactly like fashionable colors emerge organic and unbidden from the deep. Someone decides on them, even if that someone is an AI. It’s a bit like predicting what shirt I’ll be wearing next week. The industry doesn’t know how to predict, it knows how to sell, and it sells it’s ability to predict most of all. This, it has in common with science fiction.

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