Bespoke Suicide Pod

Here’s a newish one. Bespoke suicide pods.

sarco suicide pod

The Sarco – short for sarcophagus, if you’re asking – is an assisted suicide pod that seals the, um, ‘user’ inside and then lowers the oxygen level, creating a feeling of intoxication and relaxation. It’s sort of like dry drowning: your body goes through hypoxia without the negative effects of, well, choking for breath and panicking.

A deathstyle industry isn’t exactly new. I mean, look at the pyramids. And going out in style isn’t all that new either. I mean, look at Cleopatra. And none of that concerns me. Whatever these pods may cost, death remains democratic. (For now, at least.) When it comes to dying itself, I have a lot of faith in the innovative power of people to find interesting and cheap ways to die, ranging from the utterly painless to the extravagantly painful. But I kinda wish that we’d stop throwing the word bespoke around. I mean, every 3D printed piece of crap these days gets called “bespoke.” I hate to be pedant about it but maybe these marketing motherfuckers could come up with their own word. A bespoke word.

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