Chicken Nuggets

How the Chicken Nugget became the true symbol of our era. This explores the links between capitalism, borders, labor, time, global warming, food and hunger.

“A line on a map between two states is a powerful abstraction, one that has been used recently by the far right to recruit and spread fear, and for much longer by capitalists in search of ever cheaper and more profitable workers. Under capitalism, national territories, locally owned land and new migrating workers are produced simultaneously.”

And these poor little chickens!


You know, I eat meat. I like meat. But I’m pretty much at the point where, if meat were to be banned or its production seriously curtailed, I doubt I’d fight it or even be all that upset. I’d probably just shrug and think, ‘pretty good run while it lasted.’ But even good runs come to an end and this sort of eating, well, we’re getting there. The shit is just too cheap on one hand and too expensive to the planet on the other. Meat should probably still be around but it should probably be a treat. When we started using bacon as a condiment, things might have gone a bit too far.  And bacon bowls? Don’t get me started.

As for just changing my own consumption habits – I don’t think that’s enough to get any of us out of the problems we’ve created for ourselves. Matter of fact, I think that shit is sort of a trick. At the very least, it evinces a belief in the power and responsiveness of the free-market that I just don’t share. While we chase our tails on that, blaming ourselves as we go, things go unregulated and nothing much ever gets any better. I just don’t think we can consumer-choice our way out of the problems of consumer-choice. Fixing this mess might take a bit more than that. Anything serious is probably unpleasant.

And, while we’re at it, could we maybe scale back the Cheeto selection? I mean, Jesus Christ, how many variations on those do we even want?

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