Moon Dust

Just in case you were planning on spending any time on the moon this summer, putting your feet up on the shores of The Sea of Tranquility or hiking the challenging slopes of Mons Bradley, you should remember to exercise some caution. Turns out that lunar dust can fuck you up. It can fuck you up real good.


Previous research has shown breathing toxic dust from volcanic eruptions, dust storms and coal mines can cause bronchitis, wheezing, eye irritation and scarring of lung tissue. Dust particles can accumulate in a person’s airways and the smallest particles can infiltrate alveoli, the tiny sacs where carbon dioxide is exchanged for oxygen in the lungs. Dust can also damage cells’ DNA, which can cause mutations and lead to cancer, according to previous research.

But every vacation spot has its problems. Some places have bears, others might give you the shits. What’s a little DNA damage in the grand scale of things?

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