Log: Tailor Trips, Loyalties and Whatnot

It feels like it’s been a pretty busy week. Probably because I had some extracurricular activities. On Monday, for example, I had to get a haircut and go to the tailor. The haircut was expected but the trip to the tailor was not. Turns out the cloth that I’d ordered for my birthday suit was out of stock. So I had to pick again. It’s a shame. That was a really beautiful cloth. But I’m pretty happy with the new one I’ve chosen too so . . .

Basically, how I choose is like this:

I have a rough idea of what I want when I go in. In this case, it was a dark grey, double breasted suit in a heavy cloth with a windowpane check. I go through all the books with the cloth samples. From each book, I pick one and leave it open to that “page.” Then, I get all of those books sitting on the table, all the samples next to each other and I just look at them. In this case, I had about twelve books open. I start to eliminate. Close a book, put it aside. So on and so forth. It’s pretty easy until I get down to three. By the time I’m down to three, there’s not actually much I can do in terms of picking the cloth. Any of them would be fine. At that point, the quality of the suit will be more a factor of other things, the cut and whatnot. Might as well flip a coin. But, often, one will stand out to me and that’s what happened here. It was different than I expected. It’s a dark blue with a check pattern in a cloth a bit lighter than I’d originally wanted. But that’s fine. I’m open to changing depending on what I like. The original idea is more of a guide than anything.

It’s strange working with a new tailor. I miss my old guy, Don Fabien Lee of Trend Custom Tailors, in Toronto. It was very easy to get on the same page with Don. This house is a bit more traditional, which is some of the appeal, but I dunno . . . Having a new tailor is just weird. But you just have roll with the punches in life and let things develop on their own terms. The proof will be in the pudding and that’s just starting to be made.

Aside from all this, I had a fairly significant amount of schoolwork to get through. Honestly, the only day off it feels like I have is the time between leaving work at midnight on Sunday night and when I wake up on Monday. If I manage to get out in front of the school, I sometimes have a Thursday when I don’t have to do anything. No such luck this week. I had to take two quizzes, write a discussion post and do an English assignment. But that’s not so bad. I did get to watch some baseball with the dogs.


A’s were at Toronto. I used to feel a lot more conflicted about this but, these days, it’s pretty easy to root for the A’s over the Jays. Part of that is just Fuck Rogers and another is how much I like the A’s. I still follow the Jays but I have a hard time supporting them. I sort of like hating them. I don’t know. It’s complicated. Probably dysfunctional.

And the A’s laid a pretty good thumping on the Jays. It was a pretty typical A’s game. Hit a lot and can’t pitch for shit. It only lacked Matt Chapman doing something at third that made me say “Oh my God!” That’s one special player. I’ll be at work for the rest of the series so I’m just going to go ahead and assume that A’s get a sweep.

As far as this blog goes, I’m trying to be a bit more consistent. That means breaking up what would just be Owl Pellets into separate posts. I mean, in the old days, Owl Pellets used to just be ‘undigested parts of the internet’ – the stuff I read but didn’t have time to post about. Seems to me that if all the posts are going to be in pellet form, I just don’t have the time to blog. So I’m breaking those up and using a bit of scheduling technology. Basically, I’m trying to write the week on Fridays before work, leave open Fridays to do a “log” post like this and, if I have the time or inclination throughout the week, then do something extra. Couple weeks in and that seems to be going okay. Shit won’t be cutting edge current or whatever but I think that’s kind of a garbage value anyway. Anyway . . .

We’ll see how it goes.


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