Rubber Johnny

Strange, the places the internet can take you. I posted this picture of one of my dogs, David, refusing to climb the stairs after her walk. (Don’t worry, she was carried.)


A commenter (my current default is to never give names out to this machine unless asked to do so by the people who answer to those names) replied with the words “Rubber Johnny (2005).” A day or so later, I looked for that. Seems my memory is a bit wonky because I looked for Rubber Boy 2005. Turns out that’s gay porn.

But I digress.

I checked again and found this video. I’d never seen it before. Maybe you haven’t either. But it’s worth seeing. So here it is. I wonder if that’s how I, how humans in general, look to dogs. We must be kind of strange. I mean, hell, we can move things pretty easy.

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