Log: Dentist

I’ve been suffering from a toothache. It’s been off and on but it finally got bad enough that I went to the dentist. I won’t get into the gory details of the thing but . . .


Did you know that dentists now show you the x-rays and pictures of your mouth as they’re taken? Not only that, they have video. They dig around inside your mouth with a camera while you lay there, watching the inside of your mouth in real time. The footage is jittery and terrifying. It pulls out and you see your own damn face. Just laying there, mouth gaping, eyes dead.  It’s like watching footage of your own autopsy as shot by the camera crew of The Blair Witch Project. It’s really pretty awful. I mean, I sort of enjoyed it but only because it was awful. I can be a bit morbid like that. But damn . . .

Anyway, I have to go back. They prescribed me painkillers. Picking those up, I managed to forget my keys so I had to go meet my wife at her job to get hers. Oddly enough, the dentist was not the day’s low point. That would be sitting outside of a kindergarten with no sleep, some pain and a bag of drugs. Just a total mess.


Somehow, the California sun is really disturbing when you’re in any sort of mood.

But, anyway, after all that, things looked up a bit.


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