Owl Pellets

Let’s not underestimate the sheer obliterating power of the California sun. It turns my skin a shade of nuclear white. The parking lot vanishes beneath mirages. Heat-struck old women vomit in the garbage can. Roach swarms breed in the humid shadows below plastic bags. The wind feels like a nosebleed and the hills burst into flames. The power goes out. The store sells out of flashlights, ice and batteries. Frantic customers call ahead to try to reserve ice-cream. The meat goes bad in minutes and the lines stretch to the doors. “I want to speak to a manager.” Fuck it.


Anyway, some Owl Pellets.

Björk’s Latest Dress Is Made From 25,000 Swarovski Crystals: And here we are, feeling fancy just because we have some glitter still smeared across our balls from the other night. Thanks for nothing, Bjork. Great voice though, you’ve got to admit.

The U.S. bullied the world to stop a pro-breastfeeding resolution? That’s the American way: This is the sort of thing that, if you actually think about it, it’s just amazing. How the fuck did America stick two corporations between a tit and a baby? Like, how were they able to do that? What degree of social engineering does that take? We are living in some deranged corporate fantasy. We must be.

The Amazon Rainforest Was Profoundly Changed by Ancient Humans: Not sure if I shared this before but it’s pretty fascinating.

For more than 8,000 years, people lived in the Amazon and farmed it to make it more productive. They favored certain trees over others, effectively creating crops that we now call the cocoa bean and the brazil nut, and they eventually domesticated them. And while many of the communities who managed these plants died in the Amerindian genocide 500 years ago, the effects of their work can still be observed in today’s Amazon rainforest.

Life on the slippery Earth: While we’re on the subject, some Aztec moral philosophy.

While Plato and Aristotle were concerned with character-centred virtue ethics, the Aztec approach is perhaps better described as socially-centred virtue ethics. If the Aztecs were right, then ‘Western’ philosophers have been too focused on individuals, too reliant on assessments of character, and too optimistic about the individual’s ability to correct her own vices. Instead, according to the Aztecs, we should look around to our family and friends, as well as our ordinary rituals or routines, if we hope to lead a better, more worthwhile existence.

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