So I got out to vote yesterday. I think I did, at least. Basically, there was some problem with my registration so I cast a provisional ballot. I don’t really know what happens with those or if my vote will end up getting counted but, all the same, I showed up.


Couple of quick thoughts on my first voting experience. The whole thing seems overly complicated. I think there should be a list of all the candidates, their party affiliations, and just a circle next to their names that you mark with an X. Instead, it’s some sort of numbered bingo-card type shit and a book that you have to reference.  Next time, I hope to register early and do the whole thing in advance. I feel like that’ll be simpler.

Overall, I like the results. The things that didn’t happen, I didn’t really expect to. The democrats didn’t take the Senate or Texas for example. Diane Feinstein is still around. Some propositions failed in Cali that I wanted to succeed. (Seriously — taking breaks away from emergency workers and refusing to allow rent control but making sure chickens have a happy cage-free life? Like, nothing against chickens and all but that has to be some of the most California shit ever. These chickens are going to end up with more rights than humans. That’s all part of the secret chicken agenda. Read more in my unwritten book: Illuminchickenati; The Secret order The Secret Order Wants You to Order. Pre-order using a Parker Brothers Ouji board.) But some good things happened too.

Will they be good enough? Who fucking knows? This country is such a shitshow these days, there’s serious structural problems and a lot of damage has been done. Too many people think that anything to the left of Mussolini is radical leftism and the problems with the society and the abuses of power are fucking real and entrenched. But things can happen fast when people do the slow and boring work. You just never know with this place. A lot can happen. Will any of it happen? We’ll see. I’ll let the smarties figure it out.

They seem to think they’re good at that.


As for me, I have a note of optimism here. I don’t think anything is going backwards to the neo-liberal world order anytime soon. I fucking detest Trump but he does, perhaps, show that history has not ended and that the free-market is not a natural and unalterable condition in the world – a situation that can only be managed. In his own totally perverse way, he’s reintroduced politics into that status quo. He’s shown that the situation can change. It’s yet to be shown that it can change for the better.

But that rejection of the free-market and that capacity to actually think politically, to think about radically intervening in markets and society, is what the left needs to do. In some sense, Trump may have opened the door for a much more principled leftism.

This is, of course, a bit of silver lining thinking on my part (more like a pretty glisten on a pile of shit) but I’ll take my optimism where I can find it. (Even in congress, apparently.) This optimism is probably totally unwarranted and, given the atrocities the government is committing, totally inappropriate.  The democrats just really need to avoid falling into some nostalgia for trap. That old world is dead. Bring it back, you get a zombie.

We have to build a new one. Well, we’re doing that anyway. What we really have to do is build a better one. Given what we have, at least that shouldn’t be hard.

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