End of Another Semester

I’m getting to the end of another semester. One more essay to go in the Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft and Religion and one more class in Geology. That will just about mark a year since I returned to school. Some classes have been better than others, I’ve really loved some and others have made me want to pull my hair out, but, all in all, I’m pretty happy with the whole thing. I feel like I’m learning. I’m not sure what the point of all this school is, not like I have some sort of professional ambition here, but, then again, I almost never really know the point of anything I do or have every done. It seems a bit late in the game to start worrying about shit like “having a point” now. I just show up, do what I do and fuck off. Same as it’s always been. 

This was a very good hamburger.

It is a little strange being such an old bastard in class. Like, I spend a lot more time around young people that I ever have. Many of them seem very interested in Joy Division. A lot of them want to talk to me about Joy Division. I don’t know why. What is it with Joy Division? Like, I have no problem with Joy Division but what is this young generation’s connection with them? And the fuck am I supposed to know about Joy Division? If we want to get into it, I’ve always been more into The Fall than Joy Division and, if you want to know how much I know about anything, I didn’t even know Mark E. Smith was in The Fall or anything about him until he up and died. I don’t pay that much attention to biography. I mean music, you shake you ass or you don’t and that’s about it.

All the same, good song.

 Anyway, on another note, in the new year, I might start posting school essays from the old year on this blog. Seems like a decent way to revisit them and make sure I don’t just go and forget everything. It also might just be too damn embarrassing. I dunno, I’m thinking about it tho.  

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