Owl Pellets

I know I said that I wasn’t going to do these things anymore, that I was going to get on a schedule and so on and so forth but, well, I say a lot of things. What do you want? This shit is free. So sue me. Anyway . . .

How Premium Mediocre Conquered Fashion: The other day, from behind the meat counter, I saw some young fellow wearing a Balenciaga baseball hat and a Karl Lagerfeld gray hoodie. When I tried to make sense of just what I was looking at, “premium mediocre” was exactly the term I wanted and lacked. Now, I have nothing against baseball hats or gray hoodies, it’s just that this stuff is a bit like taking the name of something without any of the quality and shit that made the name worth something in the first place. It’s like I just wrote Picasso (or whomever – I’m not trying to debate the merits or lack thereof of any particular artist here) on a white piece of paper, framed it and hung it up. Those conspiracy theorists may be right: This is a hollow world. 

The language of capitalism isn’t just annoying, it’s dangerous: Well, no shit. But these things need to be said again and again because these motherfuckers keep shoving these words down our brains and if you’re not careful, they turn into psychic worms that will fuck you up. So this book looks pretty good. And it goes after “grit” too:

“Grit offers an explanation for what exists,” Leary writes, “rather than giving us tools to imagine something different.” Rather than attacking the conditions that make “grit” necessary, the word’s proponents ask women, people of color, and the poor to overcompensate for the unjust world into which they’ve been born. While the need for “grit” is most often preached to urban schoolchildren and people in poverty, its “real audience,” Leary writes, is “perched atop the upper levels of our proverbial ladder,” a position from which inequality doesn’t look so bad.

Assessing the calorific significance of episodes of human cannibalism in the Palaeolithic: One thing about science papers is they tend to tell you exactly what they’re about in the title. This one looks at the calories you can get from eating a human compared to eating other animals and tries to figure out why we ate each other. 

We Are Drowning in a Devolved World: An Open Letter from Devo: Ill be frank. I prefer my open letters from Devo to be set to music. But it’s 2018, Devo was right, we’re living in a devolved world, fucking Booji Boy is presdient and I guess we’ll just have to take what we can get. 

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