Holiday Log

Been away for a minute. There was the holidays, you see, and the first week or so of a new class is usually pretty dramatic around here. I don’t know what I’m doing or if I’m doing it right and that leads to me kind of panicking and saying a lot of things like “this is too much” and “I can’t do this” and “where will I get the time to read all that?” and my wife saying things like “you said you wouldn’t do this this again” and me being like “I know but–” and then I sort of get the hang of thing, get some marks back and shit settles down. By the time I get used to it, another class starts and . . .

Anyway, family photo time.

We take one of these once a year during the holidays.

This past year, Wife finished her masters, left one job and started another. I went back to school, got promoted and gained my US citizenship. We’ve now finished or started just about everything we needed to in LA. (I even managed, somehow, to fulfill a bit of a side dream – being in L.A. in 2019 – the November part never really mattered to me.) Now, having done all that, we can think about how we’re leaving this country. Next year’s family photo should, with some luck, be somewhere else.

In the meantime, no resolutions –I don’t bother with those– but I am going to start trying to post some of my old school essays here.

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