I grabbed a bowl of bibimbap today.

Good grub.

This is something I ate quite quite often in LA too. Usually at home. It’s kind of a standard meal for me. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, gimbap, and bibimbap. I’m not a foodie and, frankly, I dislike foodies. Not as individuals but as a class. Like, why does everyone has to be such a connoisseur about everything. I mean, if you really are a connoisseur, that’s fine. I have no problem with that. In fact, good for you. The world needs connoisseurs too. It needs experts. But 99% of the time, it’s just some half-smart dip, confidently talking a lot of precious nonsense about the details of things whose point don’t even begin to understand. I mean – have you even seen Style Forum? That shit is just a lot of sartorial pedants costuming their second-hand ignorance as dandyism. Foodies are the same way. You get it with everything these days. Even vaping. I just want a hit of nicotine with less cancer. I don’t need to building devices and comparing dick cloud sizes on YouTube. It gets so you can’t even like anything without it being an argument about some arcane aspect of said thing. Fucking geeks, man. They drain the purpose and joy from everything. They ruin everything! Anyway, what I was I on about? Oh yeah, bibimbap. Given the choice, I always prefer good grub to fancy cuisine and bibimbap is just good grub. And this looked like a good place to grab a good bowl of good grub.

Good place to grab good grub.

But the funny thing is, when I’m a stranger in a strange land, I get this feeling like I have to be super polite and respectful. (Some other people, sadly, seem to get the exact opposite feeling.) It’s fine feeling to have –keeps me out of trouble, at least– but sometimes it feels like a bit much and I sometimes have to just relax. Here, in this case at that place, relaxing involved telling the cook that I enjoyed her meal by slapping my belly. It was fine. No one’s monocle cracked. She slapped my belly too. Then I slapped my wife’s belly. It was a big ol’ belly slapping party. I have some bruises.

Good bibimbap though. And I liked the soup too. It was cold with seaweed and cucumbers. I don’t know what it’s called but it was tasty.

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