Settling into a Routine

Although I’m having to get used to existence of weather, I’m starting to settle into a routine here and settling into a routine is one of my favorite things to do.

They didn’t have this whole water falling from the sky thing in LA. Just ash.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I also like those moments in life when all your routines get exploded and you have no choice but to make conscious choices about just about everything and end up in some existential hell, confronted with all the terrors of freedom. Those are interesting and valuable moments. But, it’s always seemed to me that their main value lies in the opportunity they afford to build a new routine. Basically, I like a certain portion of my life to be on autopilot. I like a skeleton for my day.

I had a pretty decent routine in LA. There was work, school, gym, and pool. Union organizing towards the end. Various other things when I had the time. It worked pretty well. I’ve had to take some of that routine with me. Well, not so much. School mainly.

We don’t have a pool here, though there is a beach, and as for the gym, I’m not sure I need one. Like, would you just look at this shit.

Our whole hood is like that. Everything is either named after hills or the moon and I’m pretty sure it’s named after the moon because these hills will take you there. LA, California in general, is such a physically comfortable environment (when it’s not all on fire) that you kind of need a gym. Here? Getting home is cardio. If that’s how you want to look at it, which, honestly, is not how I want to look at it at all. I’m just happy to walk.

And my body seems pretty happy with it too. I’ve lost a notch, almost two, on my belt since moving here, and while the story will be told when my suits arrive, I’m pretty sure that I’m back down to my Toronto size. And that size has undergone some fluctuations.

In Sacramento, I got fat. Not really fat but fat for me. And I don’t want fat people to get upset about my skinny ass complaining. I don’t think fat is objective, I think it’s personal. It’s basically when you really don’t feel like yourself or feel that you look like yourself and that’s how I felt. Also, my hair was long. Not Metallica long but long for me.

Then, in LA, I got strong. Some of that was the gym, some of it was moving boxes of meat around. But I actually got kind of buff. Not buff like The Rock but buff for me.

Now, I’m just back to my usual narrow self.

I even found a barber that I like. I never managed to do that in Sac, though the barber I had in LA, Elizabeth, is my favorite barber ever. She was really great.

So I’m comfortable in my body, comfortable in my day, and getting shit done. School during the day. In the evening I either watch KBO baseball, which doubles as me learning to read Korean, or I go do something. When I finish the week’s math unit, I hit the batting cage, and, deep in the night, I write and just putter around the apartment. It works for me. I like it. But I really wish our stuff would hurry up and get here.

Clothes get tired and mine are exhausted.

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