The Grumpy Owl Guide to Making a Delegation to the Boss

Making a delegation to the boss is a simple and effective way to make yourself heard, and to change your workplace for the better. There’s just a few simple steps.

1. Identify a Problem.

Problems usually do a pretty good job of identifying themselves. But let’s say you’re a cashier and there’s never enough cashiers or baggers. You’re overworked and stressed. Customers aren’t getting good service and they’re taking it out on you. That’s a problem.

2. Decide On A Solution.

Usually, this is as easy as identifying the problem. Sticking with our cashier example, you need more cashiers and more baggers. That’s the solution.

3. Put The Problem and The Solution in Writing.

You now need to create a petition. You write down the problem and demand that the company adopt your solution.

4. Make copies.

This is just what it sounds like. Now that you have your demands in writing, you need copies of it. You can print these, make them at the library, or even talk to the union and make use of their photocopiers. Put your dues to good use!

4. Get signatures.

This is where the work begins but, don’t worry, it’s just legwork and all of it is a lot easier than your actual job. Most of it is just talking to your coworkers. You just need to collect their signatures on your petition. Chances are, they have the same problem in their department. Talk to them about it and find out more. It’s easy to get signatures. Most people will want to sign. If someone doesn’t, that’s fine too.The store is pretty easy to cover.

For example, there’s only about 100 people working at my store. Think about your department. One person can get the signatures during the day, the other can get them for the evening shift. If only three or four of you are working together, you should be able to get most of the signatures for the entire store in just a few days. Many hands make light work.

You don’t even need everyone’s signature. I think it’s best to get as many as you can but, if the issue is only related to your department, just having those signatures will be enough.

Something is always better than nothing.

5. Contact The Union and Invite the Rep.

They’re there to help. They have experience and they know what they’re doing. And this sort of thing is exactly what the union wants from its members. When you work with the union, you’re also very protected under the law. Set up a time to hand these petitions to management with your rep. If your rep is falling down on the job, you need to go over their head. That’s an ugly and unfortunate situation but you deserve representation.

Don’t settle for anything less!

6. Do the delegation.

A group of you, with your rep, brings these demands to the boss. Decide who will come, who will speak on your behalf, and what they will say. Have someone take pictures to be posted online. And don’t be scared. You got this!

And that’s how you do a delegation. Rinse and repeat.

Now, the delegation may not get you exactly what you want. The boss may seem to ignore the demands. That doesn’t necessarily make the delegation a failure.

These actions are a negotiation and they usually aren’t totally straight forward. The boss might not cave into your demands but they will know that you’re working together. They will know that you’re watching them and they will know that you care. This will make them think twice before they abuse their authority. They’ll also have to pass these demands to their own bosses and they have to explain what is happening. That puts them in the hot-seat. That’s where you want your boss to be. It helps them behave!

Win, lose or draw, actions like these put a lot of pressure on the bosses. Actions like these show the company that we’re strong. We’re serious business. We can escalate.

The actions also gives you a chance to work as a team with your coworkers. You get to see that you have nothing to be afraid of when you assert your rights in the workplace. The conversations you have gives you a chance to discover other problems. They give you an opportunity to work together to find solutions. All of that makes us stronger. And the stronger we are, the better the workplace will be.

So make a delegation!

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