Log: Either Way

Today might be a big day. We may have some idea of whether or not Wife returns to work tomorrow. The school is closed but it’s closed according to the old guidelines, which saw schools reopening on the 9th. Those guidelines have now changed to the 22nd. There is, of course, an issue of pressure from the parents, who will be undergoing pressure of their own.

Either way, we’ll probably hear tonight from the school director. And she should probably tell us whether the school is going to reopen tomorrow or the 22nd.

If this school does reopen, this doesn’t mean a return to normalcy but it means taking a step closer to some sort of functional, if changed, sociality. If it doesn’t open, we will also have a better idea of what’s going on. Either will be better than this sort of in-between state.

Either way, feels a bit like the start of some new phase.

As things stand, it’s growing harder to find out what’s going on. Like, one knows what’s going on but feels out of touch with it anyway. You grow a bit detached. A kind of loneliness.

Isolation is a strange thing. Hearing the term “self-isolation” one thinks immediately of being by themselves. But isolation isn’t just being alone. It’s also separation. It’s a separation that makes the world harder to understand. The world gets incomprehensible behind glass.

You start wondering things like — is the alert over, has everyone else returned to normal but you missed the news? You wonder if you’ll hear the news. Will you even know? I stare out the window and try to divine the state of the city’s activity by the amount of boats n the water. Some strange shapes appear in the ocean. You wonder if those buildings have always been there. Or is some massive alien artifact being assembled outside. Is this all some stunt to keep us inside so we don’t see it. Can’t be, but still? Can it?

Either way, we should know a little more tonight. Until then, just hold to the last instructions.

And, on a lighter note, Wife and I invented a game yesterday. “Left-handed Sock Catch.” Basically your both sit cross legged on the floor and play catch with a balled up sock. You throw and catch with only your non-dominant hand and count how many throws and catches you can get up to. It’s kinda fun.

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