Log: Chores Become Joys

Worm Date: 0.007

I went to the barber today and it did a lot to brighten my mood. Yesterday was pretty rough. Trips outside are short and infrequent, the stretches between them longer. I hadn’t been out of the apartment in three days and the last trip outside before that was, I believe, the nicotine and market run five days prior. You keep pushing yourself to longer stretches. It’s a bit like exercise. I haven’t talked to anyone but my wife in some time. It gets to you.

Not only had I eaten the last orange in the house a few days back, I’ve also developed some sort of dancing mania. I’ve heard of this happening to be people but I didn’t expect it to happen to me. This condition consists of sudden dancing. Hearing music, the victim leaps to their feet and start flailing around — allegedly “in rhythm.” Any old thing will set me off. Television theme songs are especially bad. The theme to the 1970s Star Trek cartoon?

Don’t even get me started.

And other songs get a strong emotional reaction. Like this track by 노사연 (No Sa Yun) got be all weepy. Weepy and dancing. I don’t even know what she’s saying. But she can sing!

So, half crazed with a lack of oranges and an abundance of dancing, today I finally left the house for a minute. I got a much needed haircut. As expected, my barber had a lot of questions about the North American toilet paper situation. Actually, she only had one but she sure did repeat it: “Why? Why” I told her it’s because waygooks are ba-bo, which cracked her up. She also seems convinced that people must be wearing toilet paper masks.

So, good job on that, I guess.

I dropped into the GS25, the convenience store, on the way home and picked up some ice-cream. I saw a clerk I haven’t seen there in a bit and, one thing leads to another, and apparently we’re going to go out for dinner or something at some point. He’s a nice young man, we get along well, and I’m looking forward to this. My Korean speaking skills really need some conversation to develop and he’s a good guy. It’s nice to make a friend!

When I came home, it was plant watering time. I’ve been looking forward to this all week. This plant gets 1000ml of water every seven days. I count down the days.

Chores become joys. And the plant has grown a flower.

No one told me it would do that!

I’m thinking about, maybe, dropping another book. I have one that I like. It just needs to go through beta and then we’ll see if I can bring myself to go through any of that again.

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