Log: Mutable and Unmutable Stress

Worm Date: 0.010

My mute button has been getting a workout. There’s a lot of people, people I like, whose method of handling this situation is completely incompatible with the way I handle it. They’re just doing too much. They talk too fucking much. And it’s not even that I’m against people talking about this thing. That’s fine. It’s just some people seem to pass along every piece of information and news that comes their way. It overloads my feeds with RED ALERT bullshit.

I need those feeds. Credibility is important.

But today, my main source of stress is something that I cannot so easily mute.

I’m thinking about my union brothers and sisters in UFCW 770. They’ve been put on the front line of this thing and they haven’t been given the tools they need to keep themselves and their customers safe. (I wrote more about that and what measures need to be taken here.) It also seems likely that management wants to use this crisis to union-bust. Grocery stores are a front-line and –fucked-up-enough– California often uses prisoners to provide front-line services. That’s an actual model that America works from. It’s terrible.

I’ve contacted the union — I don’t want to waste their time but I want to see if there’s anything I can do to help. I don’t know what I can do from here but I hope I can do something. I just can’t explain my anger, frustration, and grief about this situation. It’s hard to see people suffer. Especially when you know damn well that a lot of this was preventable. The bosses should have listened. They should have done the right thing. But they refused to.

And now we get consequences.

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