Log: No Cannibals! (yet)

Granted, I don’t get the local news from Stockton but, so far, I am yet to hear of a single case of cannibalism. So that’s some good news. And you never know if it’s going to be the last day anyone gets to say this so, might as well say it now: Good job! No cannibals! (yet) (that we know of) Keep it up! We seem to be 100% cannibal free!


I’m not really sure what I did today. Some reading. I saw the new episode of Picard. (I go back on forth on this show.) Engaged in some correspondence with friends and family. Had a shower. One of the dogs wasn’t feeling well – suffering from the results of what animal doctors call “dietary indiscretion” and what I call “getting into something she knows damn well better than to get into.” It’s a minor complaint. She had jelly poos. So I cuddled with the dog until she felt better. Wife practiced her makeup skills on me.

That last picture is how I look under bright light in a white room. I just fucking vanish.

I think she does pretty good work and, honestly, the whole thing is pretty relaxing. For me, at least, I’m not sure how she feels about it. Give me a second, I’ll ask.

“Do you find it relaxing putting makeup on me?”

“Yeah, it’s fun.”

So today is a much better day emotionally than yesterday. Hearing what my old friends and co-workers are going through — what America is going through– is stressful.

I feel incredibly lucky to be in South Korea right now. This country’s response hasn’t been perfect –how could it possibly be?– but it’s handled this crisis with a lot of generosity and team spirit. On top of that, they’ve just scienced the living fuck out of the thing. Watching America from this vantage point has its own terror. You know what needs to be done.

Mass testing. It is so important to test. It really makes such a difference.

It’s not being done.

You know how hard it is to do what needs to be done. Seeing it not done is terrifying.

A good and simple article about the contrast is here.

Hearing that California is moving towards telling everyone to stay inside is good. It sounds similar to what we did a month ago. Sadly, in the states, this step also should have been taken a month ago. Certainly, during the first case of community transfer. I’m not sure if a total lockdown is now avoidable. It was. Early action would have helped. It might not be anymore. The margins for error on this thing are razor thin. Something to keep in mind when you think about global warming. We’ve been warned on that too. And not doing anything today sure as fuck doesn’t make tomorrow any easier. Quite the opposite.

So a lock-down is probably necessary. The option is unthinkable.

I just wish we were at the point of coordinating international effort. This needs to be a really well organized global effort. That’s where we should be. We’re not all that close.

I mean . . . What a perverse luxury sanctions are. What a sick and decadent delusion that we can exist without each other. The time for those delusions has passed.

Here, there were so many steps taken in the early stages. Before anything even got serious, the schools were taking the temperatures of all the teachers and students when they entered the building. Too high? Go get a test. Pass it. Come back. If not, two weeks. Even doing all of that, an outbreak happened. And then things got a little more serious.

We were all told to stay inside. We still are. The cases are starting to level off.

But this is nerve-wracking in its own way because people start relaxing and then they start relaxing too much and the shit starts all over again. This might just be the rhythm of the thing. Normalcy brings outbreaks. You have to be very careful of The Normal.

I’m incredibly grateful to this country for its response. It’s been fucking amazing. The leaders listen to the scientists and the people get results. It’s not all some goddamn uphill struggle to explain to people that the thing is even real, or what viruses are, or what they should do.

Like, this is the toilet paper situation.

Not only fully stocked this “white gold” is just left on the street without a guard or gun in sight.

This comes with some guilt though. Considering how I feel about not being at Ralph’s right now, helping out my old co-workers, I wonder how anyone survives surviving a war. There’s no good reason why they’re there and I’m here. It bugs me. Like, it bugs me a lot. It riculous how much it bugs me. Like, if you told me ten years ago how much of my future emotional bandwidth was going to be taken up by The American Grocery Situation . . .

I think of all the assholes shouting at them when they have to enforce the limits of panic, and it irritates me. Getting shouted at by anyone really hurts. To have to go through it every day?Every customer a walking time-bomb? And I think about the bosses who don’t have the worker’s backs and it just plain enrages me. But there’s no sense dwelling too much on it.

This crisis is about powerlessness. So many of them are.

But I think my wife did a good job on my eyes.

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