Log: Distressed Dog

Worm Date: 0.014

The dog had a bad dream. It really scared her. She has three screams. One is hurt. The other is happy. The other is scared. She jumped awake with her scared scream. Leapt to the floor and screamed again. And then she ran and hid behind my legs. Shaking.

For the next day or so, she was all fucked up. Every time she tried to sleep, she’d wake up with a little scream. Just wasn’t right. Walking around, ears back, tail between her legs. Wife thought she might be sick but she wasn’t doing any sort of sick thing and didn’t even seem to be in any physical distress. She was eating. That’s usually a good sign. Except, it would almost be better if she was sick because you know what to do with a sick dog. A dog with nightmares? A dog afraid to fall asleep? What do you do with that?

The last time I had an animal act so strange, a little girl had been dismembered next door. That cat only got right again after forensics cleaned that place out.

So keep an eye on the neighbors, I guess?

But thankfully, this seemed to have passed. She returned to normal this afternoon. It started with some howling. There were children outside. I usually detest the sound of laughing children but, it being so long since I’ve heard that terrible racket, I actually took some pleasure from it. Lobo, on the other hand, started howling and barking at the noisy brats through the window. It seemed to cheer her up.

If I could just find a toddler for her to lunge at and bite, she’d be 110%.

Also, I took out the garbage.

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