Log: Garbage Moon

Worm Date: 0.023

Over the past few days, I feel like I’ve lost a little mental acuity. A loss in my ability to concentrate. It’s a bit harder to read, that sort of thing. This is fine. It just means I have to spend the next few days trying to get it back. Forcing myself to read, a bit of chess, and some left-handed sock catch should help. It’s just like exercise. You can go to mush.

I’ve taken a couple of passes at this post but each one left me feeling pretty gross about what I’d written. Just an angry sort of reaction to the news and, I don’t think, a productive one. So, fuck it, took it down. And I took the garbage out with my wife.

While out there, I got to look at the moon.

Beautiful and indifferent, it helped my mood a great deal.

And, rather than my anger at the news, I’d like to share this with you:

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