Log: Better Day

Worm Date 0.025

Much better day than yesterday. By the time yesterday ended, I was experiencing some weird hypersensitivity to sound — so that’s a new one. Every little noise sounded so loud. Sounds at regular volume startled me. It made me a little touchy. And a little grumpy.

I mean, title of this blog aside and not counting the first half an hour or so after I wake up, I’m usually not all that grumpy. I can be a little cold and bleak and I’m certainly some sort of fatalist and I also have a bit of a mean streak but, generally . . . Hmm, maybe I am kind of grumpy. But I sort of feel like I’m just pretty steady and affable once you get the hang of me. I don’t have much in the way of moods usually. But, I get be a bit short with people.

Better than I used to be, but, you know . . .

And yesterday, I was a bit touchy and a bit short. Hard to say why. If I’m being totally honest with myself –and, god knows, one should always hesitate before trying that shit out– writing those blog guide things took more of toll on me than I’d like to admit. I’m never very comfortable advising people about anything because I feel too fucking responsible for all of it and I really dislike being at all public – especially about my insides. I much prefer to sort of be in the shadows and the more shadows the better. Like, even with that whole union thing, when I found myself in a leadership position, I really would have preferred for someone else to do it and I put a lot of energy –before, during, and after– into making that happen. It just didn’t work out like that. I’m just not into public consumption or being publicly consumed. It stresses me out. I only endure the shit if I think it’s necessary. Often not even then.

And yesterday was a bit of a foggy and stressful day. No real reason aside from, you know, THE WHOLE FUCKING THING. But today was alright. Woke up, read for a bit, did some exercise, watched the daily briefing, and had a look out the window. What a happy sight! Someone had set a tent up on a neighboring roof.

I was thrilled. I thought this tent meant that someone had fucked up and I was really looking forward to seeing a bedraggled husband crawling out of that thing every morning. But, sadly, it was just some kids. Even worse, they were having a splendid afternoon. Just makes you sick to see it. What possible happiness can a person take from the sight of kids having fun?

Wife and I also had to make a grocery trip. Ran into my barber on the way and exchanged greetings and then ran into her again as she walked around the block and we all acted shocked and angry to have to see each other again because, well, we both have a mean sense of humor and that’s probably why we get along. We picked up our food.

Bananas were on sale.

Upon coming home, After this, it was home and certain little dog got a little out of hand and got to snore in her punishment sweater.

Wife did my makeup, I cooked up some gimbap and watched the new episode of Better Call Saul. You know, I really didn’t like Breaking Bad but Better Call Saul? I really think it’s excellent.

And here we are. Hope you’re doing okay wherever you are.

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