Log: Birds

Worm Date: 0.027

Some shit that happens in real life is a little too on the nose and strange to ever make it into a reputable work of fiction. Nonetheless, these things happen.

This morning, I was mentioning to my wife that it seems like we hardly see any magpies anymore. It’s all crows and a lot of them. There’s a sort of superstition that magpies are good luck and crows are bad luck and whatever one you see first on any given day indicates what your luck for the day will be like. So, we always used to keep an eye out for the first bird of the day as bit of a joke, and it used to be pretty even odds that we’d see either. But I’d noticed that since this thing started, the magpies seem pretty damn scarce. Seems like it’s been ages since I’ve seen one. But crows are everywhere. I was mentioning this to my wife — with a mind towards looking for a reasonable explanation of this superstition, a sort of rational root of it type thing, like maybe there’s some ecological explanation or something, I don’t know really, just staring out the window and talking some shit over my first coffee of the day and guess what —

I see a magpie.

Okay, that’s fine. Nice even to see one again. But here’s the weird bit. Another magpie comes flying in towards this one and, I shit you not, a crow swoops down and attacks the thing in midair, driving it off. I mean, goddamn. What is that shit supposed to mean?

I have to say: I feel a little personally fucked with by that crow.

The magpie eventually came back, so that’s good I guess? Perseverance? But still.

I also saw a Gray Heron in flight.

These birds are really getting out of control.

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