Log: We’ll See

Worm Date: 0.032

Yesterday, the red alert was extended by another two weeks but my wife is returning to work today. Neither one of us is sure what exactly this means or is about. It could just be a meeting, an attempt to set up online classes, or they might be reopening the school. Hell, for all we know, the school is shutting down for good. This return was set up before the alert was extended but it’s not as if this extension was unpredictable. Whatever the case, we’ll know more by the day’s end. It’ll be good to have some idea what’s what.

In the meantime, SK is continuing its efforts at repatriation. I’m not sure how much we all want to stretch this whole war metaphor but this seems like kind of a Dunkirk moment. As people flee the various Affected Areas in America and Europe, many returning home to Korea, the virus moves with them. And, of course, some of these people are breaking the rules about self-quarantine and, as a result, the punishments for doing so are escalating. It’s not really surprising that people are breaking these rules. People are people after all.

But I do see a good sign in this. It looks like many of the people who violate the rules are being caught and their contacts traced. This was always the argument for maintaining openness – closing borders doesn’t actually stop anyone from showing up, it just stops you from knowing where these people are. Doing it this way, leaving legal entrance open with a huge system set up to absorb these people, takes a lot more effort but it’s still probably the best way to treat borders. It’s expensive but this sort of prevention seems likely to save money going forward. Every time the authorities find a person ignoring orders isn’t so much a case of finding ‘a person who shouldn’t have been here’ as it is of finding ‘a person we knew was here and knew what they were doing.’ It’s kind of best case.

And it’s done in the service a worthy goal. Bringing people home, leaving no one behind, are worthy goals. It’s hard. It’s frustrating. It demands more sacrifice from everyone already here. But it’s the decent thing to do and also it also seems practical. That can be a rare combination.

I’ve been watching the birds out my window recently. Bit of a madhouse out there.

Crows are fighting magpies and crows are fighting crows. Most of this fighting seems to be over nesting territory and a lot of it over a pole. Birds have a lot a drama. It’s a lot of fun and interesting to watch and, if you have a window, I really recommend that you take a half hour (at least) every day to watch the birds. Someone has to keep an eye on these little fuckers.

I also did that personality quiz thing that’s been going around. I don’t usually bother but, well, you know, there’s some hours in the day and going along with these things seems sort of like the social thing to do. I don’t know if it’s harmless and I can’t recommend it but, whatever, the shit killed some time. Anyway, my results.

I suppose this might explain why I disliked Breaking Bad so much. I too cannot stand that arrogant, manipulative, and ambitious prick Walter White. Like, seriously, I hated him.

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