Log: School

Worm Date: 22.10635

As promised, I’ve been around here a lot less. School has started and this eats up a certain amount of time — particularly since my stats class involves actual two hours lectures and, given the time difference, these start at 5AM. So that’s been fun. But, so far, so good.

Shaggy headed schoolboy.

The parliamentary elections were held. At 66% turnout, these elections had the highest voter turnout since, I think,1992. In what was largely a referendum on the COVID response, the left leaning Democratic Party has won in a landslide so large that, if they can gain the support of parties to the left of them, they can probably make constitutional amendments if they so wish. I’m not sure if that’s a thing they want to do but, if they do, I guess it’s a thing they can do. After a few years of dealing the holy reverence the American constitution is somehow accorded, it’s nice to see that amendments are possible.

So that’s those numbers.

It’s been basically good news here on the COVID front. We’re hitting sub-thirty new cases a day and have done so for a few days in a row. We’re coming up on one of the ends of our two week periods this weekend and I’m curious to see if our guidelines changes. As it is now, it’s basically the same thing as usual — stay home if you’re home. I expect that this will be the case for some time to come and I’m still doing this because, like, I don’t know — if you can do something to help people who can’t, it just seems like that’s the thing you should do.

But, having said that, I need a fucking haircut and plan on getting one next week.

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