Trinity Bellwoods

Saw the images from Trinity Bellwoods park and, yeah, that is some frustrating shit. But, for my part –and maybe this is just me– I try to be careful of blaming groups of people for doing shit like that. Even if the act is totally irresponsible trash and, believe me, I do get the frustration because WTF?! And I’m not really one to tell people how they should feel. Some of that is because I just really don’t give too much of a fuck how a person feels.

The reason for this position is that I don’t trust blame. Blame feels pretty good and it certainly gets a lot of traction on social media (god knows, laying into that group will generate the likes and the views this ecosystem thrives on and I could write a post talking about “hipsters” and shit and sit back and watch the stupid fucking thing go viral) but blame in these circumstances doesn’t actually do much of anything you want it to do. The shameless stay shameless. Those with a capacity for shame just feel worse. Ultimately, blame only erodes the trust we need in each other to get through this shit and it diverts attention from the more boring, important and solvable problems. Policy is solveable.

Unless, of course, you live in the states where the general attitude is that the human heart is easier to change than any policy and, given just how fucked up that Constitution is — a document that distrusts power so much that it pretty much guaranteed that a bunch of dead slavers and rich white men would be the only people allowed to have it and purposely built a government that was not allowed to function so that generations of Americans could point at this government and say “look, governments can’t function!” while billionaires stole their wallets– and, if you live there, maybe you need to be concerned with hearts and feelings and changing people’s minds and shit. Because, everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

But, my understanding is that in Ontario, there was a set of criteria and numbers that had to be met before anything was reopened, and that none of these goals were met, and things were reopened anyway. That’s the issue. Bozos in a park is a problem but the government of Ontario (and Canada – this is a multi-partisan fuck-up) has absolutely failed in their most basic responsibilities even while the people have gone above and beyond theirs. That’s why your fortunes have been left in the hands of bozos in a park. So, yeah, there’s bozos in Trinity Bellwoods park but there’s been bozos in Trinity Bellwoods park as long as there’s been Trinity Bellwoods park. I even saw a possum there once. A fucking possum!!! Just sitting on the tennis court fence. Staring at nothing. In winter!!! Can you even believe that shit? You do not want your society to be the hands of these bozos. If that possum is really very dangerous to you in the 21st century, that possum might not be the problem.

In the states, reopening is also total horseshit, but it also needs to be noted that any stimulus bill that does not include universal healthcare is just *wanking motion in midair.* I mean, anything short of that, you’re just totally wasting your time, and even that is just the very start — universal health coverage just gets you to the starting post of dealing with general health problems never mind a fucking pandemic. It’s not the solution, it’s just the first step towards even beginning to navigate this problem. And other problems are coming. The world does not have a pause button. Other problems are coming. Big, small, and middle sized. They are coming. They’re not going to wait for you.

In the cases of both countries, I think you’re all going to have to organize, strike, and fight. It’s a shitty time to have to do any of that and, frankly, it’s always a bit of a long shot. You would have needed to have done a lot of this shit anyway. Like, if 100,000 dead and a pandemic isn’t enough to get a healthcare system even on the table, what was President Bernie Sanders supposed to do? It was always going to take strikes.

And none of it will be easy.

But there are 100,000 are dead in the US, thousands dead in Canada, and those numbers are only going up. In both places, it did not have to be that way. It was never going to be easy but it never had to be this bad either. And you can’t — you just cannot get numb to the death. None of this stops because you’re bored. None of this gets better by itself.

It’s really past time to think about the future you want and what you’re going to do about it. Because the future you’re going to get if you don’t fight for a livable one? It’s a very bad future. Very bad.

And, fuck knows, I wish I was there to do something other than provide moral support and calls to arms –I know how cheap this shit is– but I’m not there. You are. So get to it. And not on the internet. Internet is a sham. Like, you need to do things in the real world. Start building a tenant association, unionizing your workplace, if you still have one, and if you have a union, you need to force your union to start fighting for the sorts of victories that don’t lose wars. Wildcat strikes, sick-ins, you may need to wake them up almost as much as the companies. All of this should have been done a while back and almost none of it was.

But you can do this and you can win. But you have to actually do it to win. So get the fuck to doing it. You probably have enough theory. We’re drowning in theory. We need action.

All of that action is more important than blaming the blaming the people in the park but at least it’s also a lot harder and feels much worse too!

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