It’s not a riot or riots. A riot doesn’t span a country. It’s an uprising. It’s been coming. It’s overdue.

Every single attempt at communication, negotiation, or conversation has been rejected and exhausted, and rejected and exhausted again, and rejected and exhausted again. People in power have been told what the problems are, they’ve been given people to speak with, they’ve been asked to help and asked to change, and they’ve been asked politely and through the correct channels, and, at every single step, they’ve ignored all of this, and, at every single fucking step, the people in power have just made things worse. In many cases, they dismantled the very systems of communication and negotiation that might have made change possible. They called the people trying to tell them what was up, the very people trying to protect them from themselves, the people who believed that there might be some legitimacy left in these systems, and some possibility of peaceful change, they called these people “radical”, and ignored, ostracized, or demonized them all.

And, now?

Now I’m supposed to think a burning Nordstroms is as criminal as a cop putting a knee on a neck for over eight minutes? That a stolen pair of shoes is as big an act of theft as a $36 bandaid on a doctor’s bill? That a thrown water bottle is as violent as an ICE raid, drone attacks, or a series of illegal wars fought in distant lands? Or that the people are the violent ones when it’s the cops who bring assault rifles to protests, who murder with immunity, to protect a system that just killed 100,000 Americans through gross negligence?

Damage to property is violence? Fuck that. Vandalism is not violence. And, if it was violence, how come damaging property is not violence when that property is “human capital stock” and it’s the boss doing the damage? Does that damage not matter?

The bosses gave their answer on that. They gave it again. And again.

They know the problems. They were told. They answered cries for help with knees on necks. And now, the reply. It’s a fucking sad thing to see but chaos was let loose on America a long time ago. Cops getting away with murder is chaos. This is the fight to fix it.

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