cancel culture

I”ve been hearing about “cancel culture” and apparently it’s pretty controversial. Man, I just dunno. It just seems like, when I was younger, people got more routinely cancelled for a lot less and this was a good thing. It wasn’t even really a thing. It just happened.

Nowadays, it seems like, one pop hit and we’re stuck with someone forever. How many C-List actors and musicians who should have long ago been consigned to the novelty-song dustbin of history do we need to keep? A good time to cancel Bieber? About two weeks after his YouTube debut. He should be a trivia question about the bad taste people used to have. Even remembering his name should have caused a pause within two years.

I’ve had to watch him age. We all have. Why?

So, yeah, we used to just be able to fucking forget about people. No big deal. But now? Now you’re expected to listen to that person you met once a decade ago hold forth on their anti-vax theories every day for the rest of your online life because if you “unfriend” them, you may be thought to have some sort of outrageously closed mind. What intolerance. I hope you enjoy life in bubble!!! What total bullshit. Everyone is so entitled to an audience.

And celebrities! Celebrities are the worst!

Celebrities don’t disappear anymore. They never go away. It’s like Hollywood Squares everywhere and forever. And now we’re told there needs to be a criminal conviction before we stop paying attention to these reprobates. They’re not entitled to my attention. They should be grateful any of them ever got any of it in the first place and they should be grateful somewhere out of my sight. (I don’t want them to interrupt my enjoyment of their replacement.)

So, yeah, there needs to be proactive cancelling because we forgot how how to forget. And assault is still too high a bar for cancellation. Sure, it’s a good reason and it really shouldn’t be controversial. All I’m saying is that, for a celebrity, for AN ENTERTAINER, a fair standard for cancellation is – you bored me for 10 minutes and looked ready to bore me for 10 minutes more. That’s where the vanish bar should be. We need an atrocity now? An a trial? A whole discussion? To carefully weigh ideas and opinions? Why?

Far as I can see, it’s just power protecting power. Like, you show up at your job and forty people accuse you of pissing all over the floor, assaulting your co-workers, and insulting the customers, and your cancellation would not be controversial. But try to cancel a celebrity? Everyone gets the vapors about freedom. Like they’re protecting some grand tradition of the free exchange of ideas. Most of celebrity’s big ideas are just about butts and the various ways you can shake butts. Valuable ideas, to be sure, but not exactly irreplaceable or the stuff democracy depends upon. And God forbid the intellectual freedom of a culture that produces nothing but superhero movies and reboots should ever find itself threatened by widespread cancellation. Whatever would we do? How would we even know what would happen if Joker fought Spiderman? Are we supposed to think about it?

Who fucking cares? Cancel away.

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