log: midnight strolls

I’m trying to get back on my midnight walk routine. You know, just in case any of the neighbors felt like their plague experience is somehow incomplete without some lanky Nosferatu looking stranger roaming the foggy streets during the full moon.

Not sure if I’ll do it tonight though. After all, I did just wash a tie and I’m exhausted. I very rarely wash ties. It’s not good for them. Washing can be a really great and surefire way to destroy a tie. But I’ve had this particular tie for about twenty years and it’s time to wash it. The tie is dirty for one thing. For another, if it ends up wrecked, I did get twenty years out of it. It’s worth the risk.

The tie is also a little frayed. Not much I can do about that. But I don’t mind some wear and tear on my clothes. I do my best to carefully maintain what I have but time happens and time leaves its marks. I don’t think my wardrobe is doing too badly on this front.

Like, a couple of weeks ago, I washed a pretty big batch of shirts.

Looking them over, it occurred to me that the youngest among them was two years old. Most of them are around a decade old, quite a few closing in on 15 years. When I had these made, I had no interest in that whole fashion idea of never being seen in the same outfit twice. My basic idea was that I always wanted to look equally in and out of style in whatever place I was at and I wanted to do this for a very long time. Considering the years and places these clothes have traveled through with me, they seem to have accomplished this.

When it comes to the local news, a group of Americans, apparently soldiers, were causing trouble on the beach during the fourth. Not wearing masks, shooting fireworks at people and buildings, that short of shit. One was briefly detained. And one of Wife’s co-teacher ended up at a mall, where there was a large American tour group. Once again, not wearing masks, shouting, and fighting with everyone because they weren’t allowed in places without masks.

I’m hesitant to blame the people for the shit the government does in their name –God knows, a lot, if not the vast majority of Americans, just wanted to get through this whole thing in a reasonable and safe way– but at the same time WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?! Why is that country such a psychic plague ship? I mean, just behave. Be adult. That’s all.

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