log – dead mayor

No stroll tonight. There’s a pretty good chance of thunderstorms and I just don’t want to risk getting caught out in one. And – yep, the rain just started.

Besides, I had a bunch of schoolwork to do today. Aside from the lecture, there was a written homework assignment, a quiz, and a spoken homework assignment. All due July 9th at midnight, which is like July 10th at 2PM here, I think, and since it’s currently 1:45AM on July 10th . . . The time shit gets complicated. Going to school in LA time makes me feel strung out over three or so days. On one hand, it’s just a simple conversion and I do have a clock for it but, on the other, it’s like living an airport or some shit.

And learning a language while being immersed in it is weirdly tiring. Not in a bad way. But it’s like you go out and your brain is just constantly trying to put things together. Reading signs slowly, sounding out words, that sort of thing. When you have a conversation, no matter how brief, you go over them with the obsessive forensic detail usually reserved for analyzing the disjointed memory fragments scattered around your head after a blackout. Did I say the right thing? Was that incredibly inappropriate? Am I man, monster or animal? And what happened next? That sort of thing. And then there’s the ongoing attempt to reconcile the way language is spoken in a class as opposed to how it is actually spoken in the world.

It feels a bit like delayed onset muscle soreness for the brain. Like, you might be getting stronger but, at the same time, it’s kinda hard to lift your arms.

In other news, the mayor of Seoul has just turned up dead. I guess an intern filed complaint of sexual harassment against him yesterday. He put on some dark clothes, left his home, went missing, and called his daughter to leave a message with what sounded like a will. A massive search followed and, just a few minutes ago, they found his body. I’m not sure if this triggers an election or if someone takes over and finishes his term, or what happens. I’m not even sure if this is a way of accepting responsibility or avoiding it. Strange days, though.

I continue to watch developments in America with helpless exasperation and horror — sometimes more exasperation, sometimes more horror. What a fucking mess.

But no war yet. So that’s a good thing. I guess.

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