log – midterms tomorrow

I should probably be studying. My Korean oral midterm is tomorrow. But I’m feeling pretty confident. Confidence is a sure omen of disaster. I should probably be studying.

I do know the dialogues, the meanings, and I’m pretty sure I can understand and function in them without totally massacring the pronunciation. The issue is execution. Possibly I freeze, choke, transform into a cloud of flies and buzz away. We’ll see.

I preferred this week’s lessons to last week’s. Last week we mainly dealt with question about school and people being students and that sort of thing. I guess I should know this stuff and I can see the practical application for a lot of people in the class but for me? At my age, I can’t even imagine talking to a high-school student let alone giving much of a shit about anything they had to say. (No offence, any stray students who happen to wander across this – you will understand one day. I hope. The other option seems to creeping around school parking lots in Z-28s, in which case, you might be get some help or something.)

But this week it was much more finding out what people are doing, inviting them out, seeing if they’re busy, saying things are not things, and that sort of thing. All very useful.

The class is tiring in a weird way tho. It just never stops. Even going out means a struggle to read. I’m semi-literate. Reading is easier but it’s not easy, not yet. It’s kind of a whole sounding out of letters and words and whatnot. I can do it but it takes effort. It’s been a long time since I read English like this — by having to pay attention to its letters and their sounds.

And because I now have a few more words and phrases, these few words tend to jump out at me. It’s like my brain is working harder to process whatever I’m hearing around me rather than simply understanding and/or dismissing it – as I would if it was in English and none of my business (unless, of course, it was particularly juicy) or if I understood nothing. Trying to fill in the blanks, which seems almost involuntary, exerts a constant low-key strain.

But it’s all really very rewarding. While I’m sure I’m making a public nuisance of myself, it’s nice to be able to learn my Squid Lady and librarian’s names, haltingly tell my barber I saw OKJA as she recommended, and to force red bean cakes onto the perpetually dieting Mrs. Bak. I can also easily give our discount number at the grocery store and that sort of thing.

OKJA was pretty damn good by the way. I can recommend that with confidence. I’m also enjoying a 한극 드리마 called Mr. Sunshine. Speaking of sunshine . . .

Been a minute since I’ve seen any.

The rain has more or less subsided but I’m sure it’ll be back. It set some records –pretty typical in these climate warped days– and there was some flooding but our neighborhood, being on top of a hill, seemed to avoid most of that. Strange how the rain feels here sometimes. Much less like it’s falling on you and more like you’re inside a cloud. A bit like the ambient cloud of misery and death that have overtaken some parts of the world.

So today, after finishing my homework, I headed out to visit The Mystery Cafe. I really like the place. Aside from the fact that I’m 100% convinced that the ladies there all get together to write and read mysteries and solve crimes, and swear to Satan, if I ever get the chance to make an elevator pitch for a 한극 드리마 it will be that show and/or another imaginary show of mine “Positive Eye D” which I’m not even going to get into at this time, except to say that it has a psychic doctor, it will be about that Mystery Cafe show and, uh . . .

What was I saying?

Oh, I really like being around books. It relaxes me. And it turns out that I’m their only foreign member and possibly their first in their thirty year history. I’ll try not to let it go to my head.

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