log: marks back, fog, 떡볶이 , and broom

Got my marks back from my midterms. 44 out of 50 on the written and 9 out of 10 on the oral. Not too bad. I survived. And went on one of my midnight strolls. Foggy night.

Foggy nights are my favorite. And although I usually veer towards Moontan Road, I decided to explore the Secom Center instead. It’s, um, some sort of center. A lot of dense residential housing, community centers, parks, an art gallery, and some commercial space. I often cut through the place on my way somewhere else but I hadn’t really wandered around it yet.

I managed to avoid the incoming thunderstorms, which hit about an hour after I got home.

By afternoon, things had cleared up, which was good because I had to make a nicotine run. I also wanted to check out a food stall. I’ve had my eye on their 떡볶이 for a while.

So happy I did.

I ended up getting it to go but I actually wanted to grab a seat. Problem is, I don’t know how to say “dine in” or “stay” or whatever and, when I’m asked, “takeout” is just “takeout.” It being the word I know, it tends to be the one I automatically agree to. (I can be a little shy like that.) And, even though I’ve been asked this question so many times, I still haven’t learned the word for “dine in.” It’s because I obviously understand “takeout.” My brain kind of latches onto that and I can’t remember or even hear the word for “dine in” especially because it comes first and before I even know what I’m being asked. Also “dine in” seems like a strange way of putting it. In this case, “dining in” would consist of sitting on a upturned bucket in the middle of 좌 농 Market. “For here” is probably what I mean to say.

And, since takeout 떡볶이 often comes in a cup with a pair of chopsticks, I figured I could just grab it and eat it standing up or whatever. But this serving came in a plastic bag. I had to take it home. Still hot when I got there though. And holy shit . . .

This was some really fucking good 떡보이. 3000KRW, which is something like $2.50-$3.00 American dollars. 싸다! 매워요! 맛었어요! I don’t think I’ll be passing that stall again.

And I bought a broom. I love my wife but she has terrible taste in brooms and mops. I like janitorial quality brooms and mops. I’ve just spent too many years sweeping floors to be at all happy or satisfied with the rinky-dink bullshit that gets sold for home use. It agitates me. It’s like when I have to watch some amateur fumble through a load of dishes. I just can’t.

And here, I see the old ladies all using this style of broom so I figured it must be the ticket.

And, yeah, it’s really good. Very happy with this broom. Flies nice.

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