log: worn

Just kind of totally burned out yesterday. Just couldn’t get the old brain to work. Head full of fuzz. Exhausted. That sort of shit. It felt almost like the period in hangover when you start to feel better but without the whole ‘feeling better’ part. That part of a hangover only really feels functional when it’s compared to the hours bent over a toilet that preceded it.

But whatever. Feel a lot better today.

Cleared my 한극어 homework for the rest of the week, though there is a TA session I may attend today. I might not. I might just head out for a bit and try to use some of this shit in the wild. It makes me feel better to do so. At times, the class can be a little overwhelming and, although my marks are there, I sometimes feel like I’m making no progress at all. But, when I go out, I kind of get to measure my comprehension against what it has been and that makes me feel quite a bit better. Like, more words pop out. The conversations get a bit longer.

Anyway . . .

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