Chernobyl Mold for Space

Given the sort of year (decade, century, life) it’s been, one could be forgiven for getting a case of the willies and what-nows when they hear the term “self-replicating Chernobyl mold.” But it’s nothing like that. This mold isn’t using human brains as a food source (yet) and it definitely has not, I repeat: HAS NOT, affixed itself to head of powerful world leaders disguised as a ridiculous mop of yellow hair. That would be bonkers.

Instead of feeding on us while usurping our governments, self-replicating Chernobyl mold could protect the ISS from space radiation.

A new study, yet to undergo peer review, was published on the pre-print repository bioRxiv on July 17 and examines one of these species, Cladosporium sphaerospermum. It suggests the fungi could be used as a self-healing, self-replicating shield to protect astronauts in deep space. Specialist science publication New Scientist reported on the findings on July 24.

Self-replicating Chernobyl mold could protect the ISS from space radiation

Is that good news? I can’t even tell anymore. I suppose, if space radiation is a concern of yours, yeah, mold is good news. But for those of us here on Earth? Please remember to clean your surfaces, wash your hands, and wear a mask. Especially around mold.

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