log: lost weekend flashcards

I have to wait for today’s quiz to unlock. And it’s the second last week of my 한국아 수업. 숙제 많아요! Next week is finals and I feel like I just finished midterms.

It was kind of a strange weekend. Late on Friday’s workday, 아내 got word that a parent had brought COVID to a nearby school and we were advised to stay home for the weekend. It happened kind of fast – like Friday evening, weekend is cancelled. So we stayed in –no midnight stroll, nothing– and waited to find out what was up. Not too much, as it turns out. Basically, parents are no longer allowed to visit the school. And, not like we’re on the party circuit or anything, but we’re allowed back into daily life. Just one of those things that happens now. Not exactly a false alarm, more like a bullet whistling past your head. You just sorta duck, wait for another shot, then poke your head back up. That sorta move.

But, man, wordpress sure found a fucked up time to make that suspension move. I wonder what set the bot off. I figure it’s gotta be my use of 한곡아 but typing it helps me learn where the letters are on my keyboard and makes some of it stick in my head.

I basically spent the weekend doing flashcards. Now that I having a few rules and know how to make a few sentences, I need to get some vocabulary. Flashcards are an okay way to do that and they sure helped with numbers. 근데 I have a longstanding suspicion that tests only really ever teach people how to take tests. So I’m a little cautious with the things.

One of the biggest obstacles remains confidence. There’s this weird thing that happens in my head when I’m trying to speak another language where I almost treat it like the person I’m speaking to doesn’t know the language. It’s like say something, pause, see if any of it understood. Seeing that the person is listening, I say it again slower, when I probably just need to complete the thought. It’s just a, uh . . . A total lack of faith that I’m making any sense whatsoever. Some words have really started to pop out naturally though.

So, progress.

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