log: “repellent, yet accurate.”

Would you believe doing this is how I take a break?

What a 바보. Yeesh.

Got outside yesterday into The Goldilocks Zone when the birds are active and the day-walkers are not. I saw a heron.

Next week is the final week of my 한국아 class. It’s been a great class and it’s been such a help. I’m now semi-literate and can understand a little of what’s going on around me — much less likely to get lost in your basic, day-to-day commercial transactions and can talk, a little and in very little detail, about TV and movies at the barber shop, and I can even try to complain about the weather. I feel on the verge of understanding trot songs and the very bottom end of morning dramas. It’s close, you know? It’s like – I am almost getting this. The news is much more challenging. But, whatever the language, can anyone understand the news these days anyway? And speaking of news —

The bad news: We would usually have a party to celebrate the end of class, which is a Korean tradition. The good news: Instead of a party, we’re going to have a 먹방 on Zoom, which is a sort of an eating show, and also a Korean cultural phenomenon. The neutral news: If not for the conditions that cancelled the party, I would not have even been able to take this class in the first place. So I never lost a party, I only gained a 먹방. And the real adventure? It was the vocabulary, spelling, and grammatical rules we gained along the way.

And I can’t say that I’m really into the 먹방 thing. Even if I’m sitting with someone, I try to avoid watching them eat. Eating is just an unpleasant reminder that we all die and our entire existence is based upon unfathomable cruelty. Maybe the worms and other scavengers are humane? Fucking disgusting creatures but maybe humane. And, don’t get me wrong, I do like ice-cream. Shame about the cows tho.

Over on The Facebook, someone called a comment of mine “repellent, yet accurate.” It’s just about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I hope I live up to it and, if I do, carve that shit on my gravestone. Give the worms something to think about.

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