not really into this whole mask rage thing

Bumped into this piece about Mask Rage from The Guardian that says:

With face coverings compulsory in many settings, people unable to comply for health reasons are being challenged and abused

There are people who can’t wear a mask and they’re being shouted at and they’re being abused. The whole stupid thing is getting uglier than it needs to be. Wear your mask and wash your hands and all that. But this sort of shit? Shouting at people in the street? It’s pretty over the top too.

Like, on 토요일, I was out at 좌동 시장, a partially enclosed but basically open air fish-market, to buy some 오징아. While there, I grabbed a plate of 떡볶이. Good booth, nice lady, and I sat on a upturned bucket and ate in. (Also, strange thing — she gave me a little paper cup that I thought was cold barley tea and it tasted like hot fish, and I was like — the fuck? So I waited for my moment and politely asked her what it was. It was soup. Weird how much better it tasted when I knew it was soup than when I thought it was 차. The mind is a funny fucking thing. It was decent soup. It would have been awful tea. And what’s the difference between the two anyway? Like, if you think about it . . .)

Anyway, not proud or anything, but, after my meal, I forgot to put my mask back on. First slip-up since January. No one shouted at me, made a big deal, or did anything different. The ladies asked after my wife, taught me some new words, and we complained a little about prices, which is a thing we like to do. Only after leaving the 시장 did I realize – I’d had a naked face!

A naked red face! Gawd, embarrassing.

I don’t think being shouted at would have helped.

This is, in most places and at most times, more of a zipper-down situation than a YOU ARE KILLING US ALL situation. At least, it should be. The problem is, we have a lot of flashers outside schoolyards, falsely claiming their zippers are broken, while they swing their junk around, spraying all sorts of things on the swing-sets and teeter-totters. That sort of behavior is bound to generate problems for everyone. Like, issues emerge, you know?

All I’m trying to say is being kind, and trusting people with their own faces (and zippers) is important. But trust is earned too. Trust is more an environment than an action. Not only do you have to kind of mind your own business, a lot of motherfuckers have got to stop faking disability with those phony little cards to shirk their duties, and they have to stop putting other people at risk. That sort of shit helps the virus spread but, maybe even worse, it destroys the honest dealing that trust depends on.

And we all depend on trust to fight this thing. Faking and bullshit sets fire to the social dynamic we need to fight this together. It leads to anger, tantrums, wild claims and bizarre accusations. Soup should be soup, tea should be tea, and we should be able to tell the difference, and, if so for some reason we can’t tell the difference, we need to find some fucking way to navigate that situation and just politely get along. Fall back on manners, when and if you can. That’s what manners are there there for. (That and making people feel shame.) A great first rule of manners? Never point out someone else’s bad manners.

I mainly blame the shirkers for this shit but, whoever is to blame, this shit is still shit.

At the end of the day, faking really hurts the people who can’t wear a mask. And I have no real idea how you can rebuild trust once it’s broken but I suspect it’s hard and takes a lot of time. No one has the time or energy for that right now. So don’t do that fake card shit. And try not to shout at people. (You’re also not supposed to shout!) It’s just all fucked up. All fucked up. So totally fucking fucked up. Like, it’s fucked. Just fucked.

And, yeah, wear your mask. Do all the things. But everyone, there are better targets for your rage and, please, try to be kind. Try. Because kindness is the best and only vaccine we have right now. As they say here – people are our vaccine. Take that to heart. Try to, at least.

And that goes triple for the shirkers. I mean, give a shit about someone else for once in your lives. It’s not hard.

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