log: finals done

I did my oral and written exams, finishing the written today. I should have spent more time 공보하다 than I did but, well you know . . . I just had to spend my days flitting around the 카페, reading books on early Korean modernism, and 아메리카노 마셔요. If I had’ve studied, I might be a little clearer on what the fuck I’m supposed to put after 아메리카노 in written 한국아, if anything. I think 는. 마라요. And, of course, my oral presentation was, er . . . I did manage to include some laser beams and some bats, so there’s that, I guess.

는 or 은? Maybe just fml

But the thing that really messes me up –the question that drives me nuts when I think about it– was number 8. There’s two number systems in Korean, The Sino and The Native, and The Native is used for objects whereas The Sino is used with money, phone numbers, that sort of thing. Anyhow, got a decent handle on The Sino, workable at least, but I’m just learning the native. Question 8 had us translate a number and a noun, and I got it wrong! In English you say “5 books”, in Korean “book 5.” So I got the number, I got the noun, then I put the words in the wrong damn order. I KNEW HOW TO ORDER IT BETTER THAN I KNEW THE NUMBER! Just a stupid mistake. Drives me nuts tho. What can I say?

The class and teacher were great though. It really helped. It was a high intensity summer class, which meant that information often came at me a bit quicker than I can absorb. Good news is, I have a couple weeks before Korean 2 starts. I plan on going over all of it again. The other thing is, I now have a sort of basic frame to work in. It’s a weird thing to say, but the big thing for me now is learning words. (That’s kinda big in learning a language, I guess.) But, if I learn the words, I know where to put them. And I kind of have an idea of what words are what, subject, object, or verb, from where they are. It’s just going to be work.

That’s fine. I can put in the work. Not like I really have a choice anyway.

혹시, while I should have been 공보헤요, I ended up in a batting cage. First time since before COVID hit. Used an open air one out of deference to the pandemic. It was fun. But, boy, I was rusty. At least there was no gang of jeering children to see that spectacle. And I even managed to give myself a blister. Hands are getting soft. I need to fix that.

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