log: winter came early

wormdate: 1 – 246 – 15,761 – 306

With our fifth day in triple digits, it seems that 대한민극 has entered the second wave.

This outbreak is shaping up to be worse than 대구. A big problem is that the church playing a big role in this outbreak differs in one important respect from the church behind the 대구outbreak. The age of its members.

The church involved in the 대구 outbreak was made largely of young women, which reduced fatalities and pressure on the medical system. This one is largely made of elders. That might reduce the spread a little but it’s really going to increase the hospitalizations. And that, of course, means more strain on the medical system and, likely, more death.

The pastor of this church is a hateful pro-American religious zealot and anti-communist grifter. He’s one of the many monstrous products that American Christian missionary work leaves scattered throughout the developing world. A sort of abandoned toxic waste dump of far-right American ideology. At least, one hopes its abandoned.

His church reminds me of one of those old-fashioned, myopic, anti-communist CIA projects that quickly get out of hand. These days, it’s so hard to what’s what. 요즘, three amateurs with laptops and an internet connection can pretty easily create and finance the sort of fuck-up it used to take whole teams of trained intelligence professionals, bunker-chained telepaths, and the moaning eggs of a deranged salamander to produce. Throw in a moneyed backer and you’re pretty much good to go. You too can play Dr. Frankenstein.

Meet Hazmat Lookbook 2020! Our new ice-cream fetching unit. Heat wave resistant and second wave capable. Always friendly! Homicide disabled! Ready for pre-order and pick-up!

He just tested positive. In spite of this, he is actively interfering with attempts to trace and contain the outbreak. Faced with the public backlash and penalties, the 대구 pastor, being a more run of the mill, self-interested sort of Christian conman, kind of quickly turned his attitude around — begging for forgiveness on the TV and whatnot. But this guy? Slightly more skilled and much more ambitious strain of demagogue. Understands the political value of martyrdom. Seems intent on using it. The sort of person who makes me nervous.

He actually seems to be trying to spread the virus, using his followers as a sort of biological weapon to raise his profile, claim that he’s being persecuted, and to cause a conflict with the government while discrediting its response, seemingly hoping that people will blame the government rather than him. It’s some craven Republican party level bullshit.

He’s fresh out of jail and it looks like he’s about to head right back in. This nonsense is a violation of his parole. Jail is a pretty good place for him. And if the experience of the last century has any lessons about how to deal with these sorts of people, it might be a good idea to just keep him in there this time. (And don’t let him publish a book!) It might even be the safest place for him. The public is furious.

This anger is understandable. I’m pretty pissed off myself. Stray bozos compelled by hedonism, selfishness, or plain dumbshit ignorance are one thing. Frustrating, to be sure. But one hopes that the fortunes of any society or group doesn’t completely rest on its most delinquent members. You can make a certain allowance for that sort of shit. You have to. Shit happens. I’m not going to waste breath screaming at people on street corners. But this sort of mercenary political assault by someone seeking power or profit? That’s another thing altogether. And this already wealthy clown has his hand in my pocket! But even this anger can be dangerous. Rage creates stigma. That makes people hide. It’s a bad situation.

As for us, it’s a wait and see sort of thing. Right now, the outbreak in mainly in the Greater Capital Region but if there’s not a quick turnaround, we’re probably looking at a nationwide return to square one. So it goes.

Winter came early.

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