log: nationwide 2

WORMDATE: 0-309: 397-17,399

We had almost 400 new detected cases yesterday. (Always important to remember that even with a really good testing and tracing regime there are always more cases than have been detected.) We have now gone to an official nationwide Level 2 shutdown. Level 3 is the most severe and strict. We’re not there yet. But it will get worse before it

Level 2 is about where we were in February, though it wasn’t organized into levels back then and, of course, in those days, with most of the data coming out of China, much less was known about the disease. There was little reliable information on how it spreads, how deadly it was was, so on and so forth. (On the bright side, with America still on the sidelines, there was also a lot less misinformation and a noticeable lack of lying right-wing trolls from Cleveland or wherever on local news stories. Like, honestly, what goddamn business does Trump-Supporting-Todd in Vegas have in the comment section of a Korean paper?) At that time, we had no real idea if anything short of a total lock-down could even manage the disease.

Some of what we’ve learned since then is reassuring, some of it not so much. We know, for example, that with a lot of public participation, this thing can be democratically smothered. We also know that COVID-19 is pretty goddamn deadly and very contagious. And we know that it does not take very many bad faith actors to cause real problems for everyone. That pastor is one such character. And he has done incredible damage.

Like, a society can absorb a certain degree of individual bad choices. That’s kind of most of what a society has to be able to do. But when those bad choices come from people with organizational power, church leaders, managers, bosses, etc., the situation gets much worse. Containing the bosses is usually the main problem.

So, yeah, we’re back at it. Wife’s school is still open for now, though the clock is ticking on that. And we did get our VISAs re-upped last week for the next year. Our cards arrived a couple of days ago. We’re good on that front. Thank you, Satan!

I do have to make a nicotine run today. (Back to that whole studious avoidance of busy times thing.) This will be my first time out of the house in about a week.

Kinda curious about what’s going on out there. Hopefully, not much.

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